Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sepang 3some Challenge

First outing for the fresh team of Hi5. Representing the team was Jimmy Lee, SK and Lim HP.

Format was a Threesome Best of 1 - 801. Doubles Best of 3 - 501 and Singles Best of 3 - 501. Approx 40 teams went.

Conditions were bad. Very cramped and hot.

However, Team Hi5 managed to reach the semi's and lost out by 2 points. A great result for a team who recently formed. Next tournament to look out for, for the team is the Pandan Jaya Team Event in mid-April.

Enjoy some of the pictures taken by myself;

Team for the day; SK, Jimmy Lee and Lim HP

Team with their trophies.

Trophies and Prize Money.

The whole team picture.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Almost a Year Ago,

Monday, May 5, 2008

[Darts] Gravity?

It has remarkably been a month since I felt I played proper darts. Inconsistent throws, dumb-founding scores and losing streaks are all I’ve faced in the past month. My darts feels like strangers to me. That comfortable strokes, 140’s and occasional 180’s are all a thing of the past at the moment. Every dart seems like an up-hill battle of controlling. Occasional (Tons) feel like gifts from God. Some say it’s the mind, some say it’s the heart, and some may say otherwise, but I believe it is the Law’s of Physics; “What goes up must come down”

I believe and I know that sportsmen and women have a moment in their careers where everything seems to be going down-hill. No more titles, more losses and more inconsistency are one of the few problems faced. As a current example, Roger Federer who undoubtedly shown the world his excellence in tennis wining back-to-back titles, grand slam finals, being World No. 1 and poised to break Sampras records is struggling to win a match. Injuries, inconsistency and “The Laws of Physics” have brought the great man down. At least for the time-being. But slowly climbing up again, I would say it is virtually impossible if he doesn’t continue his success in the months/years to come.

And just like that, so my darts have been. Having a successful year in my books, my level has dropped way down the ladder. With the change of darts, more time, personal training, etc only time would tell if it will all come back to place. And just like Kevin R. says, “ All you gotta do is keep plugging it, and it WILL come” and that’s what I intend to do. Hopefully before the Penang Open at the end of the month.

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This is what i wrote almost a year ago. It is amazing to see how much i've progressed since then. It was a total change in transaction. From standing, posture, stroke, mentality, attitude, etc. Every aspect of my game has been tweaked to the way i feel confident in throwing today. This was not only a time of trial for me but a time of discovery for myself. I learnt that arrogance can only lead you down(hard to admit). I learnt to keep my head straight and keep going at it. I have learnt to avoid negativity and omit positivity. I learnt to be head strong and humble. Most importantly of all, I've learnt how to enjoy the game i love most.

My goal is to keep this humble attitude in not only darts but everything in life and keep the positive attitude of not only other but myself as well.

"Everyday we learn something from life, in one way or another. Why not, we apply that in the things we love as well, darts?"

This is a shout out to all who have stood by me during my trying times in darts and life as well. You know who you are.

Funny But True

This is a video of Wayne Mardle (Favourite Player) throwing a perfect 9 darter in style. It was edited but the 'checking' trick is true. So check it out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1st Game of the Season

Albeit it was a friendly match between the 2 teams from the same pub, to me, it was the first competitive game of many more to come this year.

It was between the newly formed high5 and Suzuki. Line-up was;

Lim, SK, Kyle, Jimmy Lee VS Ron, Albert, Thomas, MS Raja
Kyle VS Ron
Lim/Kyle VS Ron/Thomas
Lim VS MS Raja
Jimmy Lee/SK VS MS Raja/John Chew
Jimmy Lee VS Thomas

Job was simple. Just play my darts, no worries, know that the bottom would cover me a*se in case in lost and enjoy myself. Mind was ready, although could have been better if warmed up more.

4some was practically a stroking practice to me. Threw an average of 60 in 9 darts. Eventually team winning at the end.

Singles was up now and watching Ron in a couple of games earlier that day didn't really help much. I knew he could hit those ton's and ton 40's easily. All i told myself was 'just throw your darts'. Started off well with a simple 60. Ron replied 140. Hit a ton and he replied 40plus. Game went on to him setting himself a house but couldn't finish with me sitting on a 95. I knew what i had to do. Semi, 20, bull was all that was on my mind. Give myself a shooting chance at least. First dart - Bull, then a 13 to set up a 32 and without any hesitation i checked the d16. There was a roar from the crowd. At this point of time, my heart was beating as fast as you can say check dart! Second game was Topsy-turvey. Ron seemed shattered losing the first leg and i just couldn't hold myself together managing only a ton and some 40 scores. Again he set himself up and again i had an out shot to play. 108. Again i set my mind to a t19, 19 and d16 finish. True enough, first dart 19, then the t19 and just a hairline miss from the 32. Ron looked worried and pressure i guessed got to him and he went from house to house to set himself up a d1(madhouse). By this time in 2 darts i sealed the game for a team lead of 3-0.

Doubles came and Lim and I score looked like we were throwing cock-eyed darts. But here and there managed to pull an 85 or ton. 1st leg went to us and 2nd went to them. 3rd leg was tightly contested and they looked earliest to set up a house, Lim leaving me with a 130 to check. Confidence was high. First dart a 60, then 20, and just a whisker away, hit the semi-bull. Ron came to the board and couldn't set the 90plus score leaving Thomas with a 77 to play. Lim went up, safely hit a 3 and missed his d11. Thomas went up confidently hit his 57 to set up a d10 and hit both his darts on the wire. By my second dart, it was all wrapped up.

Lim went on to lose to former Malaysia number 1, MS Raja 0-2 and Jimmy Lee/ SK finished the job with a 2-0 victory. Final score ended 7-3.

Happy with the win. Happy with the darts. A lot of bits and bolts need to be adjusted. Like, calmness, eagerness, and mind frame. Oh well, next up is Sepang 3some and Johore 3some. Let's move on from there shall we. Happy Darting!