Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pandan Lake Club Open 2009

Im back. It was a hectic week trying to prepare for Pandan Lake Club Open. I don’t think I was the only one worried for this tournament. Lim was just as worried, if not worrying even worse than I was. He developed a jam on Thursday night’s usual training session. He couldn’t release his dart. So it was mine last week and his the week after that. What else could go wrong?

Anyway, we gathered at the club approximately at about 10am and everyone was ready. Hearts were pumping, the hands were eager and the competition around us looked tough. There was Dream Team Malaysia, Zouk Darters, Cee Jay’s Aristos, Flukers and Kiambang. 18 teams in total participated. It was 2 groups of 4 and 2 groups of 5. The format was the top four teams of each group to qualify for the second knockout phase on Sunday. Yes, technically we were through but it was about being top of the group to ease our way to the top 8. It was going to be tough one. Our goal was simple and realistic. Just to reach the quarter finals.

We managed to top the group that day, winning all our matches in quite a destroying manner. Everyone played their part in the team topping the group. Ricky Rozario, who joined us for this tournament as our fifth player played his part as well. If day one was tiring, tomorrow would be an even greater challenge. This was our scorecard at the end of the day;

I was a bit worried on Sunday. The Saturday afternoon was hot, the night continued its reign. I had problems sleeping. I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night, sweating, etc. Still, I managed to get 8 hours of interrupted sleep. I was still worried. I knew from past experience that it was the most important element of playing a dart tournament, good rest. Replaced my worries with some McD’s breakfast set and I knew that would keep my energy level. But for how long? Later that Sunday would tell.

The draw was made, and we were drawn with a team called Unicorn. A guy named Simon was the only one that worried the team actually. He is a player capable of playing some devastating darts. He is a 15 to 18 dart average player according to some players there the day before. The game started and we were off to a 5-2 lead before Jimmy Lee sealed it off in the second singles against Simon 2-1, making it 7-3 for a place in the quarters. At the other corner, the Aristos also made it through their match edging out Turbo Perfect.

Our next match was against the same team we played with during our preliminary rounds. Kiambang ‘B’, led by Lim and I’s former team mate, John Ravee. We decided to go with a different approach, which turned out having us losing 2-4 before Jimmy Lee could play his singles. That is where things got heated up. Jimmy Lee managed to stamp out a 2-1 win leaving things down to Lim and I at 4-5. Lim and I started out shaky but managed to crawl our way back from a topsy-turvy intense match and leveling the overall scores to 6-6 with our 2-1 win. This meant Lim needed to win his last singles against Kiambang team manager Ibrahim. Lim won convincingly at 2-0. We achieved our quarter final goal and were now in the semis.

If that wasn’t intense enough, our next match was against Kiambang ‘A’ who had an even stronger side than their ‘B’ team. That Kiambang side had the likes of 2 Malaysian Players, Selbaraju and Subra. So things were not going to get easy. We started the foursome with a bang and managed to nick the point for the 1-0 lead. Lim went up first this time, playing against Selbaraju. I couldn’t watch. Next thing I knew while I was resting outside the hall was Lim beating Selbaraju 2-0. This meant we had a 3-0 lead. Jimmy Lee and Lim partnered up front this time and proved to be too strong for the pair of Selbaraju and Subra, winning 2-1. This brought the total to 5-1 by the time Jimmy Lee played the second singles. Jimmy edged out Subra 2-0 and we were in the FINALS. This matched seemed easy but both sides played well and fortunately we came out tops.

By the time we played our back to back matches, the team was already showing signs of exhaustion. SkK and Jimmy Lee were slouching outside pumping water into their dehydrated bodies. Lim and I crashed at a nearby couch under the air-con. We got the news. We were going to play Dream Team Malaysia, Malaysia’s number one team. They comprised of Malaysian team players Tengku, Amin and Anandan, and led by former Malaysia team captain Ravi Sandiran. At this point I could feel the migraine I feared so much slowly building up in my head. I knew this was bad news. I was spot on, by the time we reached the finals, my head was throbbing. All I did was focus so hard at the board, that I would forget the pain. It worked, for a while. The team knew it had achieved its goal and surpassed it, now it was time to just go and give it our best shot.

The finals started and our foursome came out strong and we managed to scratch a point off Dream Team giving us the perfect start to the finals. Lim went up next and put up a great fight and lost 0-2 to Amin. Jimmy Lee and Lim also took charge of their doubles match only to be beaten 1-2. We were 2-4 behind with Jimmy Lee coming up. Jimmy Lee went up against Tengku, and he too put up a great fight that was appreciated by the crowd and lost his singles 1-2. This means we were 3-6 behind and needed to win the next 2 games to win. Unfortunately the pairing of Amin and Anandan proved too strong for SK and me and we were beaten 0-2. We had lost our first final together. At this point my head felt like I was going to explode and we were congratulated for our efforts in the tournament.

Overall it was the second time the team played in a tournament together and we achieved a semi final and a final. This is looking to be a great start for team HI5. Now the pressure is on us to maintain our level of darts and try and have a go at whatever comes our way. I would personally like to thanks the Aristos boys and Flukers for all of their support for the team and to Lim, Jimmy Lee, SK, and Ricky for all of their effort put into the team. Ram, even though you weren't here physically, you were in our heart. This is a special shout-out to Robin whose voice pushed us on every step of the way and Sugu who wanted me to mention him in the blog. Thanks and enjoy the pictures.

HI5. The Journey has now begun.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Throw Analysis

This week has been a stressful week for darts. When i came back from the Riveria tournament, i realized that because i was throwing my darts harder than usual. Monday was brainwashing day because i had to adjust my mind to control the strength i have in my hand. I could throw properly and it was frustrating. Wednesday though was a bit better but was feeling like i was developing a jam and true enough on Thursday, there was signs of me not releasing the dart as i usually do. Its scares me to know that i might be developing dartitis again.

Take a look at the video in my previous entry.

The jam happens when its near my eye. Its not the normal flow you can see in the video. In fact i didn't realize until just now that in the video that my throw doesn't look smooth enough. It holds a while longer near my eye where the jam is forming. So naturally that is the point of dartitis and it looks like that is what ill be working on for a while.

Will update with a video once problem is rectified. Hopefully it is.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

HI5 Vs Pandan Lake Club

2nd friendly of the year. It was against the team which is organising the Pandan Lake Club Open being held on the 18th and 19th of April. Yes, that is next week. The team is looking great at the moment. With our latest addition Ram, who was a former team mate of mine not a while back ago. A man with great spirit and never die attitude, Ram is an excellent addition to the now complete 5 of HI5.

The game was set to start at 8pm. The Pandan Lake boys were raring to go and we were ready. We took the foursome by storm and were at a comfortable 200+ point lead and although the opponents crawled back, Team HI5 managed to secure the first point of the day. Lim was up next for his single and although he couldn't find the right balance to his darts, he adjusted constantly and with a focus mind pull 2points from the opponents to give the team a 3-0 lead. Finally i was up partnering Lim and confidence were sky high. Every dart i felt in my hand were sure but it didn't show. I don't know how to explain it. No matter what i did, i just couldn't throw the dart properly. I felt right, the standing felt right, the mind felt at ease but the hand wouldn't listen. Surprisingly enough Lim provided marvelous scoring and i provided the confident enough checking. I even managed to pull a 68 check in an unfavoured manor to secure the game. Hit the 5, went for the 13, and confidently checked it in the bull. Score at the moment 5-1. Jimmy Lee stepped up on the line and obviously pulled a victory. Without dropping a sweat, smiling and laughing all the way to a 2-1 win. This already secured the game at 7-2 but for friendly sake Jimmy Lee and SK finished up their doubles 2-0. And Ram in his official debut for HI5 lost 0-2 for a total of 10-4. What a victory and this looks to be like a great build up for the tournament next weekend.

More updates soon. Happy Darting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Dartitis (pronounced dart-eye-tis) is a condition which can affect dart players, and severely damage their performance and results. It can be compared to the 'yips', a movement disorder which can affect golf players as they take their putting stroke. The term is used in reference to players who struggle with some kind of psychological problem with their technique and/or release of their darts.

The most famous case of dartitis came in 1986, when five-time World Champion, Eric Bristow revealed he was having problems with the release of his darts. Eric Bristow managed to make a partial recovery from the condition, and even managed to regain the number one position in the world rankings.

Players affected
The following players have been reported sufferers from the condition of dartitis.

Eric Bristow
Mervyn King
Mark Holden
Steve Alker
Mark Walsh

Content from Wikipedia and

My Theories On Dartitis by Kyle G.

I've personally been through it. It was the most painful experience of my life. Not that it was physically painful but more soulfully. See can you imagine not being able to do something you really love doing and try hard at. Ask any paralympic and they will tell you how they feel. Well, that's how i felt. To the point where tears would roll down my cheeks and I'd feel disappointment with myself every night driving back home thinking where did i go wrong.

Dartitis in my opinion is a mental condition. You are asking your body to do something that it cant or refuses to do. Darts on the other hand is a game where your body memory is constantly in use and your mind and hand work mutually. Put two and two together it is basically telling you that you are forcing your hand to do something that it doesn't want to do. Thus, your mind is not allowing your hand to release the dart.

Why does this happen. My theory is;

  • Your mind and hand are pushed over the limit. Especially your mind. Thus, not allowing you to do what you could or would normally do
  • Pushing too hard for that triple 20 you 'have' to hit. Note that 'have' is highlighted. It's like asking your body to run 100m in 8 secs.
  • Not physically ready when playing. When your body and mind are tired, its telling you that it needs a break, not to push me harder.
  • Not mentally ready when playing. What i mean is, sometimes or most of the time a player is think he is mentally ready, but one might not be 100% there. You might be thinking of work, kids, wife, functions, your 'dartitis' and so much more. This is absolutely the wrong way to even play darts. One's mind should be absolutely clear and focused on the task ahead.
  • Enjoying the game. I feel sometimes players forget that this is a game to enjoy and take it too seriously when their darts aren't happening. It is then that they push themselves harder without the right mind set and screw up their stroke or get dartitis. Remember why you played darts? Yes, because you loved it.
These are just a few theories on my experiences and conversations i had regarding dartitis. My uncle has it. To the extend that during a tournament once, he closed his eyes and threw his darts. When i had a chat with him, he told me that every time he plays darts, his goal was to finish a 9 darter. Every time he starts on the line. Something i almost had in common with.

As for how to get over it? Well try this out. It has a bit of the elements i had getting over dartitis. Go and try it and don't worry to much. Happy Darting.

Mick from Love Darts says...

I used to play darts in my local league for many years earning myself a comfortable reputation. Disaster struck when I slowly started to hesitate releasing the dart and eventually lifting my left leg from the floor (right handed), followed by lifting off my right foot onto tip-toe (dartitis sufferers will know what i mean!).

As being a great dart lover, I can now say that after many hours of frustration I have overcome this awful condition. The old Mick is back at the oche, playing with my brother and son on a weekly basis. I know there are plenty of helpful tips out there but hopefully these might do the trick.

1. Throw the darts in an aggressive manor, meaning a lot faster than your normal release.
2. Don't concentrate aiming the dart to much on the target you want to hit, (just throw fast at that area).
3. Move your position of throw, not the stance, and allow your mind to float at times thinking 'yes, I feel better at this angle'.
4. If this does not work don't give up! Believe me I will try my hardest to get you through it.
5. Pick up your darts as often as you can, preferably not long spells. Try 30 minute sessions! (Relax) then say to yourself these are your last 3 darts, full stop, know more, then just walk away.
6. One of the biggest mistakes I used to make is watching players on the television. I used to say to my brother 'Watch this, I've been watching Phil Taylor throw'. This is your idol we are talking about (don't get me wrong) idols are great but what I would do is copy and totally release the dart in the same way Taylor did, but this is not the way I would release it. (Come on think!), just because Taylor is a multiple world champion, it doesn't mean you will have the same style, and I'm sure Taylor will back you on this.

Once you have started to throw your darts at speed and feeling more comfortable, slowly get back to your normal self.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[Video] How I Throw

Did this for the guys in forum. Enjoy

Johor Blue Riveria Threesome Tournament

Me, Gerard and Jared

Our journey started on Saturday morning at roughly 1 am. The drive down took roughly 5 hours (due to countless stops). We arrived at our destination and by the time we checked into our hotel room and slept, it was already 7am. We were up and about by 12 and made our way to the venue. We were drawn to a group of 5 and top 4 of the group to qualify for the next day. Pretty simple you'd think. WRONG!

Now let me tell you about PROJECT 2010.

We're a group of buddies who have know each other for years. It comprises of Gerard, Jared, Wynton and myself. I picked darts back up in the year 2006 and Jared working at the pub during that time was intrigued and started to take notice. Gerard whom was really close to Jared started hanging around the pub often and followed suit in finding interest in the game. We were labelled PROJECT 2010 by one of my mentors cum team mate of the Ol Skool Aristos due to our age and 'upcomingness' in the game of darts. While i continued working hard climbing the ladder with the Ol Skool Aristos which i had joined few months later, time was not on the other boys sides. Heavy work schedules and time constraints held the boys back from training. This year, however, 1 and a half years since then, the team has got their life's on track and decided to take a small step closer in realizing the dream of 2010. We were still a man short to make a minimum full team. This is where my best friend of 16 years, Wynton joined the picture. This is how i jokingly sum up how Wynton joined us this year. See, Wynton joined us because he loves to drink beer and thought it be great to have something to do while he does what he does best, drinking. Thus, the story, the beginning and the fellowship of the team.

Back to the tournament. Like i said, it wasn't going to be the easiest of qualifying. But hell we were going to give it a shot. It was the team's goal to at least make it to the next round. The boys had been training so hard and a friendly match the Wednesday before prepared them a tad bit for today. For me it was my umpteenth tournament but for them it was their first. The boys weren't 'there' yet in terms of darts. Not too sure of their strokes, not been training rigorously, still a dart or two out of the board, but was ready to give a shot in the tournament.

Our first match started at 3pm+ and started off well with a 5-4 win on the tie-breaker. The rest of the matches were losses but we managed to qualify anyway through the immense amount of legs won. we had won 13 legs in total and that was enough to put us through. I personally was exhausted. Mentally, soulfully and physically. By the last game which was at 11pm+ (surprisingly) i was already deadbeat on the floor unable to move a muscle. My objective personally was to win all my singles and that objective was met. But it was not about me, it was about the team and the objective was definitely achieved.

The next day was a no surprise. We went down 5-2 and the tournament was over for us. We still held our heads high and learnt so much from this tournament. I personally learnt so much from this one tournament then any other tournament I've played.

So here is a small shout-out to the lovely players and friends of P2010.

To my future team, this was an experience of a life-time. To finally play with my best of friends was not only a pleasure but an honour. We played our best and managed to achieve what we set out to do. We focused on what we wanted and we made it happened. We kept on fighting no matter how good our opponents were. We kept pushing ourselves to our limits and surprised ourselves at times. We made others step up and take notice of these group of young darters who played this game with pride. Forget the losses, the misses, the anger, the disappointment, the darts thrown out the board and all that and remember the good that's come out of this. Remember how you played each of your games and analyze each and every moment we spent there and learn from it. Only then can we rise above the ashes and be born again like a phoenix. To Wynton who wasn't there, keep plugging my brother. I love the way you're playing and keep going and learn more like i know you will. To Gerard, Jared and Wynton, lets keep darting.