Monday, July 15, 2013

Darts by Aster Kyle G. on BFM 89.9

So the interview came out on BFM 89.9 last Saturday the 13th of July. Listening back to the podcast I couldn't stop laughing at how I sounded or the things I said. Nonetheless, it was a great experience, no regrets.

Please take note that I know that I may not be the best darter in Malaysia or the world, but I've learnt great things from great players and it's more of sharing my dart experience with whomever is willing to listen (or read). Thank you Mum and especially Dad for playing the game the way it is and the way I will always play it. Also, a big Thank You for all the guidance, advise and memories, to all those that I've had the privilege of training with, playing with and meeting.

Have a listen to the podcast below, (it's the final 5 minutes of the show) and I truly hope you enjoyed it!

Till then, Cheers!

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