Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My First Ever Dart Interview

I recently was interviewed about darts on BFM 89.9 and a million questions popped through my head. The experiences and memories flashed through my mind and i just had to write a post about it. Honestly, this was my first ever radio interview ever. The previous one, being in a group, I don't really count. Anyway, I was recommended by a friend of mine cause he knew I played darts like forever. A shout-out to Edmund Woo for the recommendation!

So this post, I'll be answering 10 questions related to darts to anyone out there who shares a similar story or an even more interesting dart background than I did. Hope you enjoy the read.

1. How long have I played darts?
Honestly, it feels like my whole life. I remember throwing darts with my parents since I was a kid. But to what I remember or can count, 8 years in total.

2. When did you start playing darts?
It all started when the World Cup was held in Malaysia in 2001. Back then, hardly anyone, my age at least played darts. I was only 15 years old then. The Malaysian team wanted to send a junior team. And seeing as that my parents were darters as well, I tried out.it was between 2 players for the boys team and 2 players for the girls. Unfortunately, after months of training, and selection, I only managed to be a reserve player. I gave up to focus on my studies and never really picked it up till I was 20. I never looked back since.

3. What team do I play for? And have played for?
I started from a team formed by my dad called Bruz, which was an abbreviation of Bitches are Uz. Then I played for a team I trained with regularly called Aristos for about 3-4 years. I then left to join a mentor of mine and formed Team Hi 5. And after 3-4 years, I'm back at Aristos.

4. What is your most memorable dart moment?
I've had quite a few. But if I was to name one, it would be my first ever Malaysian Open. I still remember it as it was yesterday. I was playing for Aristos Team B and It was the last qualifying game, we needed to win or get knocked out. I remember checking in the foursome 1001 x 1 after what seemed like a million darts from everyone. Madhouse (double 1) it was. Then came the last singles, with the score tied at 6-6. I remember playing a simple game of all twenties in my last leg to take the game 2-0 for the win. It was a test of nerves and pure focus. Another memorable moment was playing at  the last edition of the SWIDA Open in the same team as Dad. But we'll leave that story for another day.

5. What are one of the few things you've learnt from playing darts?
Firstly, darts helped me with my math when I was in high school. It made me count quickly and made me look at numbers in a very different manner. Secondly, it opened my mind to analyse everything I did in my life as well. See, I learnt that darts was similar to life. You name the sayings you hear in a lifetime, and you can relate them to darts. Practice makes perfect. One step at a time. Better late than never (when it came to checking). But the one thing that stuck with me throughout my life, is that, you win some and you lose some. The same went with my life, I won some and I lost some. The game of darts, the game of life.

6. What was one advise you would never forget?
Well, the funniest one is one my national coach and family friend Kevin Rozario advised me. I had just picked up darts again, and after a long long session of training and playing, I asked him, what would be his most important advise to give me about playing darts. He turned around and said dont! Don't start playing. Seriously. Other than that, it was, every time you stand on that line (oche), you give it everything! Anything less, don't' bother going up.

7. If there was one thing you could change throughout you dart journey, what would it be?
That I would have never stopped playing at 15 and planned my time better with training to be better than I am right now.

8. What would you like to achieve in darts?
I'm not saying that I want to be the world champion. But I would love to win not only team events but  a few singles events as well and dedicate it to my mother who gave up darts to raise the family and my dad who taught me how to love the sport. Being in the National squad again wouldn't be too bad either!

9. Your one advise to up and coming darters?
I'm not in any position to tell, but besides the train hard and train smart advise that any sport would tell you to do, remember why you played the game, for the fun and joy of it. Cherish the friendships that you make because its also just a game. Most importantly, learn how to count/calculate! Whether its steel-tip or soft-tip darts, know your numbers! That just irritates me when darters don't know how to set or check an out-house.

10. Lastly, football or darts?
Hard one to choose, but I have to say darts cause of all the experiences I've been through. Don't take football away as well, it's just that I love my darts!

Hope I didn't bore you with my Q&A session but do comment if you have similar experiences or something you think you'd like to add on.

Stay tune for the interview on BFM 89.9 on Saturday July the 13th!

Till then, cheers!

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